Party Pack Napkins

The Party Pack Napkins are the hygienically made napkins, which provide ease and efficiency to the users. It involves the wood pulp, fibers, anti-bacterial lotion, cleaning procedure, and drying.

Nicewrap Aluminum Foil

The Nicewrap Aluminum Foils are essential kitchens. These wraps are easy to use and ensure extraordinary uses in various household staples. These are renowned for their temperature as well as moisture resistance features.

Foodfresh Aluminum Foil

The Foodfresh Aluminum Foil are apt for cooking, freezing, wrapping, decorating, storing and packing of foods. These are used for Caterers, Hotels, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Airlines, Railways, Cafeterias, Schools, Coffee-Shops etc.

Cling Film

We offer high-quality Cling Films with different packaging options. These are good for food sealing and securing options. The packaging options are wide.

Roti Wrap

Roti Wraps are the foils, used to wrap the roti and chapatti. These are the environment-friendly wraps, which retain the softness of the chapati. The restaurants uses them at high level. Also, these are used domestically.

M G Napkins

M G napkins are inexpensive solutions, which lessen the laundry costs for hotels, restaurants and houses.

Kitchen Rolls

The Kitchen Rolls allow the users to do away with the spills, made by curries and grease. These serve as the perfect choices for a kitchen environment and ensure good utility in both conditions. The rolls are capable to withstand both wet as well as dry conditions

Face Tissue

The Face Tissues are helpful for helpful for cleaning purpose. These prevent the skin roughness and make it moist as well as hydrated. Offered fragrant wipes are provided the skin-moisturizing properties and can clean the skin properly.

Toilet Rolls

The Toilet Rolls are easy to use rolls, which allow for simple usages. These are apt for daily hygiene and enable high cleanliness as well as comfort. Also, these ensure to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, dirt and viruses.

 Institutional Products
The offered Institutional Products are very effective and made for use in the various commercial applications. They are very safe for use and easy to dispose off. The offered Products are very light weight and used in the kitchen.

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